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What are we doing?

We are a small team using "beverage" as a medium for better things. We live in the neighborhood and want to generate community. 

It is our goal to make dialed-in beverages with minimal ingredients and minimal intervention.

Our Story

We opened up a small batch kombucha fermentery between a tortilleria and a corn-in-a-cup shop in San Antonio, TX.

Come by and we'll pour you a glass. It's our goal to DIAL IN premium kombucha for kombucha lovers AND make an approachable kombucha for first-timers.

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Visit us!

1933 Fredericksburg, #106

Phone: (210) 849-7652

We Live in Monticello Park and love making kombucha.

When we first started making kombucha, the goal was to cut habitual soda consumption and introduce more fermented foods into our diets. When a space opened up along Fredericksburg, we knew it was time to open a concept that brought the benefits of fermented, low-and-no-sugar beverages to San Antonio.

Our kombucha won't make you healthy, but it provides a great option in your daily life.

Health is related to the broad spectrum of your daily habits and decisions. Everything is connected--diet, exercise, mental health, gut health, stress, intellectual stimulation, access to nature, immersion in culture and relationships. Every one is different, and every one is working toward something real for themselves.


We exist.

We choose to exist in an economy of mindful people doing cool things, doing things well, and sharing good ideas.

We choose to thrive.

Our programs


The Future is Fermentation.

Drip Coffee

Normalize dialed-in drip coffee.

Sugar-Free Sweeet Tea

We can change the culture of sweet tea drinking with information and access to alternatives.