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Yaupon is the only caffeinated plant in North America.

It's crazy to think about how much coffee and tea we drink, but most of it is imported. While there are beautiful qualities to coffee and tea, the idea of consuming local always appealed to us. 

Highlighting the availability of this wonderful plant growing in Texas is incredibly important to our values.

Call it what you want--localvore lifestyle? Ally to native plants?

No matter your lifestyle, we should all be trying to eat and drink more nutrient-dense foods that grow nearby.

Surround yourself with native plants.

Nourish your body with plants that grew nearby.

Yaupon is North America's tea. 

Black, green, matcha, and jasmine are pretty well known. But yaupon is North America's tea. 

The yaupon tea that we use is locally sourced in Texas.

The Yaupon Holly is a versatile, resilient shrub that is growing all over Texas.

We use Lost Pines Yaupon tea.

Lost Pines is a tea company based in Austin.  They work with private property owners in the Lost Pines Forest area to thin and remove yaupon as part of a conservation effort to restore breeding habitat for the critically endangered Houston Toad. Long term fire suppression has created dense yaupon thickets. Removing yaupon allows native grasses and flowers to thrive, giving the toad habitat and insects for food.

Lost Pines reforests instead of deforesting

TLDR: It tastes like a pretty standard black tea and it grows in Texas.

If you are interested in leveling-up your local-vore lifestyle, mixing in some Yaupon tea is a good idea. 

Enjoy some of our Yaupon-based drinks

Monkfruit Sweeet Tea, $5

Yaupon Blended with Black or Green Tea.


Single Bottle of Kombucha, $15

Enjoy one of our four flavors of booch.


Bundles of Booch, Starting at $56

We also offer a Quarterly Subscription for those who see the value in local beverage.